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ReFUND Colorado

Have you filed your state taxes yet? Did you know that you can donate some or all of your state tax refund directly to Colorado Women’s Education Foundation (CWEF)? ReFUND CO is a program that allows you to support women’s education goals and dreams with just a few clicks. Here’s how you can make a difference:

What is ReFUND CO?

ReFUND CO is a program started in 2019 to promote the “Donate to a Colorado Nonprofit” option on your state tax return. It provides a fresh opportunity to fund CWEF’s investment in high-achieving women’s education goals and dreams. By donating to CWEF through ReFUND CO, you are empowering women in Colorado to achieve their dreams and positively impact their communities. 

How to donate through ReFUND CO

Here are step-by-step instructions for how to donate through ReFUND CO:

1. When filing your state taxes, look for the prompt to "Donate to a Colorado Nonprofit" on your tax return or tax software.

2. Enter CWEF's name and Colorado Secretary of State registration number 20093003863 in the designated area.

3. If you're using a tax preparer, give them CWEF's name and registration number so they can designate your donation to CWEF.

4. If you're doing your taxes yourself or using a tax preparer, visit for simple instructions on how to ensure that your refund donation goes directly to CWEF.

5. Follow the instructions provided by to complete your donation.

6. Sit back and feel good knowing that your state tax refund is supporting high-achieving women's education, goals, and dreams in Colorado through CWEF.

The impact of your donation

When you donate to CWEF through ReFUND CO, you are supporting a nonprofit that has been providing advocacy and support for developmentally disabled individuals and families in Colorado since 1995. The foundation has historically accepted vehicle donations for themselves and other nonprofits. Your donation will empower women through education, giving them the tools and knowledge to improve their lives and positively impact their communities. 

Final thoughts

ReFUND CO is a project of the Colorado Nonprofit Association, implemented by the Colorado Department of Revenue and Colorado Secretary of State. This program puts you in control of deciding to donate some or all of your state tax refund and choosing exactly which Colorado-registered charity will directly benefit. If you have any questions, provides simple instructions for how to make sure your refund donation goes to CWEF. By donating to CWEF through ReFUND CO, you are investing in women’s education, goals, and dreams, and helping to build a stronger Colorado.

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