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Encourage eligible women you know to apply now for CWEF Scholarships.

CWEF Scholarship Requirements

CWEF’s mission is to invest in women who are transforming their lives through education for themselves, their families, and their communities. Since 1976, CWEF has provided over 700 scholarships enabling women to pursue economic equity through education and a career.

The CWEF Scholarship Opportunity Online Application for 2023 is now closed.
The 2024 Online Application will be available no later than February 5, 2024. Online applications need to be completed by April 30, 2024, for Fall 2024 and/or Spring 2025 awards. 

Eligibility Criteria

Please ensure that you are able to answer YES to ALL four of the following items:
  1. Identity: You identify as a woman at least 25 years of age at the time of the application deadline.

  2. Residence

    • You are a resident of Colorado for at least 12 months prior to the application deadline.

    • You reside in Colorado while earning your certification or degree.

  3. Education: You have enrolled in or already attending an accredited educational institution of higher learning or vocational training (earning a certification, or associates, bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate degree.)

  4. Documents: You are able to provide an official copy or photocopy of a college or high school transcript including your name and the institution’s name and showing your cumulative grade point average (GPA).

Additionally, eligible applicants will need to demonstrate financial need, academic ability, leadership skills, career goals, and community involvement.

Eligibility Criteria

Documents To Be Submitted

You will need to download all the documents below in preparation for completing the online application. Currently, only the scholarship opportunity checklist is available. The other documents will be available in early 2024. Please email with questions.

Scholarship Opportunity Checklist

This PDF comprises:

  • the documents you will be required to gather and upload into your online scholarship application 

  • six considerations and/or questions that will be in the online application so you can start preparing your responses.

Statement of Acceptance and Schedule of Fees

This form must be completed by the institution in which you are enrolled and returned to you so you can upload it into your online scholarship application. 

Fillable Copy of Statement of Acceptance and Schedule of Fees

Financial Worksheet

This worksheet will be helpful for you to compile and calculate the required financial information you will enter into your online scholarship application.

Early next year, if you meet the eligibility requirements and have downloaded all the documents above, you can begin the Scholarship Opportunity Online Application when it opens.

Scholarship Opportunity Online Application

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