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CWEF Celebrates Seven Scholarship Recipients Graduating!

Spring 2022

CWEF is celebrating the graduation of seven scholarship recipients in spring 2022! As a result of reaching their educational goals and completing their degrees, several of these women have begun new and higher paying jobs. Women who receive an education have better employment opportunities and their earning potential rises by almost 12% for every additional year of schooling. Studies show that when you educate women, it transforms them, their families and communities, and society as a whole for the better.

Saba, Stephanie, Ashley, and Kelly - four of our scholarship recipients delve into their stories of their CWEF journeys. In addition to these four women’s graduations, Lily earned a Certification in Geographic Information Systems from Front Range Community College, Leah (<em>in picture</em>) received a Master’s Degree in Education Leadership, Opportunity, and Entrepreneurship from Harvard Graduate School of Education, and Lisa graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Master of Social Work from Metropolitan State University of Denver.

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